Tuesday, February 21, 2006


I've still got so much to do. People just keep asking me to do things, and I can't say no or ask for a decent amount of money! Maybe I should get an agent. Anyway, I'm putting down everything else to work on a painting. I was asked to submit to a group show at boontling gallery, and it's got to be done by Sunday. Just a little one though, no sweat. The problem is sometimes when I have a close deadline I draw things that are MORE complicated then I would normally draw, making extra stress for myself. There must be some psychological reason I do that. At least I always make the due date and it looks good. I'm going to try to combine the political zine drawing I'm supposed to do with a painting. There will be no free time or weekends for me until I get frequent and lucrative work; it'll be a while.


pablo said...

hi Jeremy! i´m Pablo from Spain and i´m illustrator too. I think that your work is really good so... congratulations!. Sometimes is hard, you´re right, but the people like me needs your drawings. Thankx.

Jeremy Forson said...

Thanks Pablo! You're what it's all about!