Tuesday, August 22, 2006


So this is some artwork I did for this band called Blues. I'm still in the process of finishing this one up, putting it in the templates etc. It's going to be a digipak CD with a pocket instead of a tray. I've got two versions of the inside, I still haven't decided which one to go with, or if I'll do it pink like the outside....ha, pink on the outside, I like that. It may be a one sided LP eventually which I would be really stoked on because it would show the art so much better. I'm a little obsessed with trees right now. The last CD it was ghosts. I don't really work digitally so this is a change of pace for me, but I like the flexibility. I just realized that the pinks are very different, I'll have to change that. Oh well, you get the idea. To be released on Rome Plow Records, who have been very nice to work with and have an affinity for making quality releases. Yeah, they're cool guys and I hope to do more things for them in the future.