Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Orchid Shirt Design

My friend Raj came across this on E-Bay. A guy from the U.K. was selling it. I emailed him and pretended to be all pissed about it, even though I basically just thought it was awesome and funny! I totally like Orchid, and I would have loved to have actually worked for them, but unfortunately I'll never get to. The guy was really nice and he got ahold of the person who made it, some dude in France, who was apparently quite embarrassed about the whole thing. All I really wanted was for him to send me one, because I thought it would be awesome to have, and I'd always have a funny story about it, but he was sold out. It makes me wonder if I should make the images on my website smaller to decrease the likeliness of this happening, but I think people genuinely like the large images, and I've heard about, read about, or seen them on many a fans desktop.