Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Sometimes people get tattoos of my art, and I think it's awesome. People often ask for my permission, which I don't really understand, of course I'm O.K. with it, why wouldn't I be. I like to have pictures of them though. This person was nice enough to send me one. Oddly, about an hour after receiving this photo, a guy from Australia asked if it would be O.K. to get my G.F.P. painting (or parts of it) done as a sleeve, of course I said yes, I think it's great.

There was another case like this where the person had gotten a t-shirt design that was meant to be white on black, so they had to have it inverted, and somehow it still makes sense and it looks good. The second tattoo is the guitar player from that now defunct Bafabegiya.


Anonymous said...

I'm getting the bottom half of that Greyskull design tatted as a quarter sleeve this weekend. The upper half I'm going to have the tat artist do something different with. Just thought I'd like you know that I really like it heh.

Anonymous said...

Oh that that comment was made by me, Dustin (dustin[at]sixonehundred.com)

Jeremy Forson said...

Awesome! Send me a picture!

Dustin said...

Will do. I just got the first half of it done and partially shaded today. When it's done I'll send over a photo.

daniel said...

my name is Daniel, I am twenty years old and I am from Sweden. I was very happy when I read this post.
found the image tentacles by accident long ago.
have loved it since first time I saw it, I been looking and looking for the artist behind it. and finally I found your website. was overjoyed.
I have planned to tattoo it on my chest where I think it would fit really good, my first thought was that it would end up on my neck but with a little reflection on what I should have on my chest, it became obvious that the tentacles would fit perfectly there.
I will let one of Sweden's best tattoo artist do it, therefore it is in good hands.
you can visit his myspace page on http://www.myspace.com/wicked_tattoo_sweden

This is my mail address.
kurtikorgen@gmail.com. I thought that I could email over a picture when it is finished.
he has one year in a queue, however.
continue with the art you create.

best regards