Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Heiress Demo

This as a demo for a band called Heiress. They said they like the stuff I do with dismembered people. I'm not doing a lot of that these days, but I had fun drawing these all the same. First I did the green one with the trees, but they wanted something else because it looks too much like the Blues cover I did, which is on the same label, I didn't even think of that. So then I did the castle. I think it's a strong design ( I imagine it folded in half, since it needs to cover a CD) but looking back on it, I don't think it makes any sense, which is kind-of what they thought, or what they said is that it didn't suit the band. I still really like the headless guy and I would have liked to have seen that drawing used for something. So then the guy in the band says he has an idea of crows in trees with hands hanging on strings and a guy in tall grass with no hands pounding the ground. So I went back to sketching, as seen in the sketchbook page. My sketchbook stinks, I think someone hid a slim jim in it when I was in New York. I've started doing my thumbnails and brainstorming in sequential/comic form. It helps me develop a story around the image. And painting them, there's more that I've been doing for the new Blues CD. So that takes us to the brown ones. The scratchy logo and the larger figure is the final. They really liked those letters from the original piece so they asked me to put those in, and they thought the stick hands were not clear enough because they looked too much like the grass, so I made him larger and I like it a lot better. I didn't want to just do no hands, and I really like that movie "Titus" so there you go.

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