Friday, November 30, 2007

Post zombie show reflection

So I had my show at the Space gallery last night, all zombie art. I had fun, but I didn't get to meet as many people as I would have liked to. Thanks to those of you who came out. I met an artist named David Young V who's work was my favorite out of the show, so I was glad to meet him. Also a well inked metal girl who was showing under the name Gorwhor. I only talked to her briefly, but she seemed very nice. When I told her which piece was mine and she gave me a back-handed slug to the chest saying "DUDE!" I thought "This girl should be my new best friend." I also met the artist C3 very briefly, but I thought his painting had some cool stuff going on. That was it unfortunately, it was hard to tell who the other artists were. Next time I'll have to try harder to make acquaintances. I would like to have more gallery shows soon, it would seem that I caught a bit of a gallery bug, so if you know of any galleries looking for submissions, please let me know.

The artwork: Well, Rob Zombie's piece was really more like an autograph, and I have to say that I found that disappointing because I know that he can draw. I think the only thing that wasn't rock star about it was that it was selling for only $6.66. There were some very well painted zombie portraits, some art that wouldn't even be good in a high school art class, and some that I wondered if they were part of the show, or just something that was permanently there because I couldn't see how they fit the theme. Better crowd than I was expecting I have to say, people seemed nice.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Born Anchors Flyer

I understand that the tiny parts that make up cells were all formally small independent organisms that formed symbiotic relationships with each-other. This means that large animals like you and I are made up of an inconceivable amount of small animals. This idea just blows my mind. I've been meaning to make a piece about it for some time, and I thought it would fit well for this project. I thought it would be cool to think of it as larger animals. Here I'm also showing my love of scientific illustration, only I gave it a more edgy style (it's for a rock band after all). I'm CRAZY about illustrations of cells, skin layers, and other microscopic things. I think they're just fantastic so I do things like this from time to time. Acrylic on wood, 8x10

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Spectrum 14 came...

All artists published in Spectrum get a hard bound edition of the book, and I have to say that I was impressed with how nice it is. I thumbed through the pages tonight. As I was looking through it, I started to get the feeling that I was really lucky to have gotten in the book. Most of the paintings are true finishes, finely rendered and laboriously painted. Talent by the tons. By the time I got to my page, I have to say I was disappointed with how my painting reproduced, and I'm sure that it's my fault. Not sure what happened, but it looks terrible. I saw my painting for what it is after seeing so many professional fantasy art-works: A school painting I banged out with very little preliminary work, a quick read, and ultimately not even up to my own standards. Gotta get my shit together. I know I can do so much better, I have, I will.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Zombie Painting

This is a painting that I submitted to a zombie show at the Space gallery. I hope that the image is good enough to be accepted into the show. The actual painting looks much better. I think it didn't scan very well because there was no ground. I painted directly on the wood. All the faces are thumb print sized, so i had to really get in there with little details, therefor I used gouache. This also did not scan well. I've had lots of problems with the way it scans and should probably stop using it. In the actual painting you can see the wood grain, little details, and subtle color shifts and it looks really neat. I'm glad that this is for a gallery show because it doesn't look good unless you see it in person. Also, didn't really pull the punch on this one. Zombie Christian hoard, I don't need to spell it out. I'm terrified of zombies and Christians, and I've been listening to the Thermals a lot, so there you go. I got that pink in there without even thinking about it, god damn I've been using a lot of pink lately. Was brown and nasty green, moved to pink. I love the contrast in my work though. Right now it's my only method for balancing out the generally creepy nature of my art. I think in this painting the way the sky is nice and pink, and ground level is a crowd horrible monsters makes for a nice pictorial space. It says escape to me.

P.S. IDW, call me, lol.