Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Reebok Shirts

One of my old co-workers referred his friend at Reebok to me, and I got a little job out of it. Good times. They wanted something minimal, yet edgy enough to sell at a street-wear store. I feel like a did a good job of it. It was strange for me to be asked to do a straight up design job, no illustration required, but I was happy to take on a new challenge. I did the parts by hand, printing out a Reebok logo, cutting it out, and spray painting it. I think what makes me different from other designers, is that I took the time to do it by hand, while others might fake it. It makes a big difference visually in my opinion. I'm glad to be able to add such a notable client to my list as well.

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jeannejo said...

looks great!