Friday, December 11, 2009

Mini Munny

I got this Mini Munny for Christmas last year, and I finally got around to painting something on it. There's some challenges in materials here, so I'll have to touch up some of the acrylic because it seems to rub off pretty easily. I'm going to have to figure out how to protect it. Suddenly it seems I have a character developing...hmmmm. I always wanted one of those, and never thought it would just happen naturally. I have a show at Doublepunch in SF in February, and since it is a toy store, I might just have to put this one on display. My favorite part is the butt crack. Makes me laugh every time.


ernesto said...

I think there is a medium, "gripper," that will make the acrylics stick better to smooth surfaces

DiabloTexas said...

Huge fan of your work and just wanted to mention that primer before painting munnys, is the best thing. I've switched to a white primer to keep it a bright canvas

Jeremy Forson said...

Thanks to both of you guys. I guess it's too late to prime this one haha. Next time I'll know what's up.