Friday, December 01, 2006

Unified School District

This group from Oakland called Unified School District has commisioned me to do thier CD cover. This is what I did. I probably should have gone over it with them, as opposed to going stright to finish, but I didn't. They said they liked it, but that it was too Hip-Hop, which they didn't want. The really hard part about all this is that I don't really know anything about hip-hop so I didn't know that it was a common thing. I can't really dispute it because he sent me the very similar image (posted) that he himself had done some time ago. I've only gone through the hip-hop CD's a couple times, because I'm never impressed with the covers, they always seem to be a photo of the artist looking hard, or something money related, or the sexy girl thing, so I didn't think that this would really be too hip-hop. It reminds me of hip arty zine-punk kids and thier love of all things 80's, lets call them "neo-mixtape girls". This is, sadly, the first time that a client has not been happy with what I produced, but surely not the last time. I'm re-doing the cover now. It's standard practice in the industry to charge again if you have to do the work again, but this is my business and I'll run it the way I want, and I just want them to get a good record cover out of it. I was really struggling to come up with ideas for this, but in conversation with the group they said they wanted me to do robots, and suggested "an idea of a old rusted robot that has been left in a field sprawled out with overgrowth of nature covering bits of him..." Sounds good to me, I'm running with it, more on that when it's finished. The other image is from my sketchbook, I did it a couple months ago and thought it would be good for a band, so when this came up I thought the idea would work.

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Igor E.C. said...

Hey man! I didn't know you had a blog... I am a long time fan of yours! :D... Keep rockin on your canvas.