Sunday, March 29, 2009

My studio!

I've had a studio since....October??? I never got around to really showing it, so here we go. Firstly, I think I need to point out that this is going to be a big pain in the ass because there's like 50 pictures and the way blogger is set up it's hard to have the picture, then a caption, then the next picture...sigh. Anyway, it's in the dogpatch area of San Francisco, which is kinda out of the way (see shot showing how far it is from the downtown), but it's good if you like industrial wastelands as much as I do. The building is photographed here too, it's the only one that look habitable, it's a whole block and there's all kinds of businesses in it. Video companies, bakers, furniture makers, printing companies, etc. I made a long panorama of the space. From left to right it's Kelly Lynn Jones and the Little Paper Planes, then Becky Ebeling and Stacy Martin (I don't know if they have websites), then Michelle Blade, then Deth P. Sun, then Marci Washington, then me. The area is full of odd little alleys and decaying buildings, from which I derive a lot of inspiration. On foggy nights it's all kinds of creepy. I walked around today annd took a bunch of pictures thinking I might make them into drawings. I got a little carried away with the photo-merging because it's really easy. I though I would be able to draw the buildings after merging them, but they went all bananas on me and look too creepy circus mirror to draw. There's that red (ranchero or el camino?) that was just in somebody else's blog, was it Mike Giant? Anyway, it's always around here. My square of the studio is at the's messy right now.

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