Monday, June 18, 2007

Blues CD - "Snakepit"

For this projected I opted to do some art, but not the whole layout. It ended up being a good decision. All these CD covers ended up being due at the same time, and things have been very hectic for me. I don't know how the final layout will look, but they seem capable of handling it. This was one of those projects that makes you question your artistic capability. They just wanted me to do whatever, and they told me the name of the album was snakepit. You can see from the sketches that I went straight for snakes, the literal interpretation. I did the sketch of the guy with no face, and belly snakes first. I kept the no-face thing the whole way through, I do that a lot. Someone said I do that because I have identity issues. I liked it and sent it to them. They seemed to like it and a made a very complete painting of it in my sketchbook that would have been the cover, except that it wasn't working. So I went on to another idea of a snake coiled up in a woman's stomach as if it was her intestines, swallowing her heart. This idea was not very good, and I just couldn't make it work, so on I went. This is when things started getting REALLY bad. I started doing giant fantasy snakes and heart shaped balloons. I even sent them a sketch and they said they didn't think it was right for them. I think that's a vast understatement, but I'm glad they said it in a nice way. This band is fucking hardcore metal, that image doesn't suite them at all. Now that I'm looking at those again, I'm actually embarrassed of showing them. Them there's a stupid drawing of a little girl, sigh..... Also some fossils, I had some weird idea on a plane, don't ask. Playing with some new sharpies there.

After doing the heart drawings I was thing hard about my future as a creative being, and how it may not exist. Jeremy from Blues said something about how it didn't have to be so literal, and I was like, that's good, 'cause I can't make it work and all this shit sucks. After just being frustrated with my successive failures, I just said "You know what, I'm just going to do some creepy paintings and send them to you." They needed the art really soon because I had taken too long trying to make something awesome for them. I didn't do sketches, I just found some pictures of faith healers and made them into these paintings. It seems like Jeremy was really happy with these, it was exactly what he wanted to see from me. I liked the boards so much that I used them in my web-page design. You might be able to tell from the forth panel that I had run out of time, and I couldn't do another painting, so I did that drawing and added some photoshop stuff. I also had a problem getting this one done last week because I just started a new full-time job, and I was too tired when I got home to draw. I'm ok now though, I had to get used to the new schedule.


Anonymous said...

I don't comment on blogs very often cuz my opinions are sad; anyway, that drawing of the woman whose intestines are snakes was a good direction; it's a good image, and the idea of a coiled snake spilling out of someone is hot. Maybe a streetlight-lit scene of a dead, nude woman lying there with her snake intestines spilling out onto the sidewalk? live, bloody snakes spilling out, instead of what we expect is good. her face would be hidden in the dark, cuz the lighting is like a spotlight on her torso.

The artwork is so much better because you do pour yourself out over it.

levitica said...

well done. the face is often too distracting; the eyes deceive, becoming just another mask. it is only when the expression disappears that we are able to fill it with ourselves.

did i see an almost ouroboros in that there sketch, sir?


Jorge Mascarenhas said... do great work. I think you're being too harsh on yourself...but then again, aren't all artist are? I am....Cheers

rajbot said...

the wood panel design is indeed dope. coming into town this week so I will call you.