Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Tristan Tzara 7"

I'm supposed to do a 7" cover for a band from Germany called Tristan Tzara, I think they're a good band, but there's some strange things about it. They broke up in 2002, and this is a repress of their 7". It will be pressed by a DIY label in Mexico. What really bothers me about it is the art they already had is really cool, and suiting for their dada theme. How am I supposed to top that??? I am excited about this project, though, because I like the dada aesthetic and it will be a fun and challenging project for me to try to make something in that style, while still making it my own. The bright side of this is that since they've been broken up for a while, they aren't exactly going to need the art for tour or something, so I don't feel rushed. I decided to do it for free, it's a small label, and I figure that with the exchange rate even a small amount would seem steep. It would have been bad when I was trying to make a living solely on Illustration, but I started picking up web design contracts, so I don't have an immediate need for money or anything. It's better this way too, because they can spend more money on making a better release.

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goldlion said...

heh..iam from germany...they were a good band..unfortunately i never got to see them cause the were already broken up when i got into them...o well

its cool that you get to do the cover