Saturday, December 22, 2007

Dead Stare logo

Logo for the band Dead Stare from Tacoma. I started out with they font Interstate, I wanted something very bold, because that's usually the way hardcore logos look, then messed it up with an inky toothbrush, then sprayed it with black and white spraypaint, only slightly pushing the nozzle so that it came out in large drops. Then I cute them out and arranged them so. At this point it was illegible, so I cleaned it up with a white-out pen until you could pretty much read it. Graphic designers hate this kind of type, so difficult to read, but illustrators tend to care more about what it looks like than how readable it is. Finally, I scanned it and ran it through a stamp filter. I don't advocate photoshop filters in general, but I found that the stamp filter does a good job of making things looks like they've been photocopied 10 times. I'm really happy with this, I think it suits the band's brutal sound perfectly.

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