Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Prosthetics Towers Shirt

The Prosthetics hired me to do another shirt design for them. This was the request "Hey, our idea is to have four or five men in business suits, each smoking a cigar. The smoke from the cigars would rise above them and form the twin towers. The heads of each of the men would be the heads of pigs." Also, red shirts. This is what I came up with, I couldn't make it work with small business men. So now I've got business men with truck heads, goat skull heads, and pig heads; none of them my idea haha. I'm going to start to be known for these. Come to think of it, a long time ago I did an ant headed business man. This idea is common I'd say. So this design is very different from the last one I did for them, or any of my other shirt designs. I was looking at Jake Bannon's designs www.convergecult.com/, and I thought they were much better than mine, then this came out. As an artist you're not supposed to point out who you're influenced by, but I'm not ashamed, art doesn't just come out of a vacuum you know? The pig head reminds me of pageninetynine as well, also some of my favorite art ever. This shirt is probably one of my strongest, and that sucks because I didn't really draw it, it's more of a collage.

There's something about this gritty style that works so well for hardcore bands. It's like a direct visual parallel to the music. The sprays, scratches, and photocopy artifacts give it a grimy look that suits the heavy distortion perfectly. They also make it somewhat hard to read or understand, like the unintelligible lyrics.

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