Tuesday, March 18, 2008

SF Magazine and Juxtapoz

Hey kids. Big news is that my profile in Juxtapoz Magazine is finally out. I consider it a milestone in my career, and an honor. The painting reproduced well, so that's great after my disappointing reproduction in Spectrum last year (by the way, I didn't submit this year, which was probably a mistake). So I've been waiting for weeks to show this painting for SF Magazine. This was my best assignment to date. The article is about dark films in SF (which is perfect for me. right?), the due date was 2 weeks, and I was well paid. It's just the best imaginable job for me, and it fell into my lap through an email out of the blue. So I rocked it. I'm stoked of the piece I did, the AD was stoked; everything was awesome. I worked closely with the AD, Alejandro Chavetta on this, and he was just fantastic. He didn't tell me what to do, he just gave me a general idea about the direction he needed, and helped me flush out my ideas. Really, the whole thing was just great. I finished well ahead of the due date. This is a combination of painting and digital, that I feel came out showing the best traits of both. The only thing that bothers me about this painting, is that actual parks at night are way more spooky than this painting. I'll do another post with more about my process at a later date.

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