Monday, February 16, 2009

11 portraits

I did 11 portraits for the new Graf Orlock record. Quick and dirty, but they still seem to have come out pretty good. The band wrote a screenplay, and it's about a time traveling assassin. On the cover there will be a cross hair, and you can put whichever person you want into it. Reagan obviously was not assassinated, but they felt he should have been, so he's in there as well. All members:
Julius Caesar
Abraham Lincoln
Franz Ferdinand
Lee Harvey Oswald
Ronald Reagan
Leon Trotsky
Malcolm X
Jesse James
John Lennon
Robert Kennedy


A Messy Perfection said...

They look great Jeremy!
Oh those lil bears sure are cute too.

Stein Olaf Hansen said...

These are awesome man. I love the solid shadows.

Anonymous said...

Perfectly boring! You must be hungry for work... Bring back the BRUTAL FORSON style! Vector tracing is for homos like shepard fairey.

Jeremy Forson said...

Ummm, these were done by hand, they aren't vector tracings, but I think I get the point.

Anonymous said...

Just came by to check out your blog -- was hoping you had a straight-up art blog I could subscribe to!

I saw your work on the CCA website and looked you up on google -- VOILA. Jeremy's website pops up with a link to this blog! :)

Just checking out colleges I might want to go to for art. I can't decide.

Always Watching said...

Hi Jeremy,
I'm an artist in AZ doing a portrait of Lincoln and I found yours in a Lincoln search. I had decided to paint mine based on pics I had of the Lincoln memorial. Looking up at him is kinda severe. Also painting a sculpture that was commissioned from a photo seems a fitting part of the process. Yours, of course, is taken from the Brady Gettysburg portrait, Lincoln's most widely circulated image. I especially love your Tupac portrait. Hope you are finding success and fortune.

Jeremy Forson said...

Yeah, I did the Caesar one from a statue, but I don't really think it worked out as well as the others. Basically I just did these from the best quality photos I could find on the internet.