Thursday, February 26, 2009

Comics samples for Wondercon

These are some penciling and inking samples I've been working on for Wondercon (comic book convention). The first eight are from a sample script off the Dark Horse website. They provide it for would be comics pencil artists to complete as a demonstration of skills. The 5 pages after that are inking examples that I didn't draw, also provided by Dark Horse. The pencils aren't really pencils, you might have noticed, this is because I don't care for drawing with pencils. I rough my drawings out in pencil, but they're pretty messy and don't come together until I ink them. I completed these all very quickly. I was more concerned about keeping up the fast pace needed to be a monthly artist, and telling the story, than making the best pencils ever created. I'm hoping to find gainful employment in the comic book world this weekend, but if I don't I'll be back in the studio working on a series to pitch to publishers. Wish me luck!


James C Trujillo said...

Damn, and I thought I had been busy. Good luck man, you're stuffs looking better every day.

Thealti said...

so cool!

Mike Madavi said...

DUDE the Wampa is so fucking bad ass!!!