Saturday, May 15, 2010

Supreme let-down

I think I've mentioned that I'm co-founding a game company with some friends. This has lead me to do extra homework on what's happening in gaming. I came across this WiiWare title "Zombie Panic in Wonderland" published by Akaoni Studio out of Spain. After watching about 3/4 of the promo video, I had seen enough, I had to get it. It costs $10, and pretty much couldn't be more ideal for me. It has zombies is varieties I never would have imagined, ninja zombies, sumo zombies, one that looked like Abe Lincoln that throws corpses at you, plus other cool monsters and gods, and you pretty much destroy the entire level. All this wrapped in a clean and bright, but still spooky style, and a completely ridiculous story. The illustration is also excellent, even though I'm not an especially big anime fan. After playing this game for a while, it was high in the running for my favorite game ever, and I was really excited about it, until I got to the final boss. I couldn't find a screenshot of him anywhere, but I was really offended. He's basically a vain and ego-centric demon prince, who is an obvious gay parody. As much as I want to believe that no game developer would consciously make something so offensive, I just can't see it any other way. Along with his dead colored skin and small bat wings he has effeminate lashes, glossy lips, and pretty hair, he holds his pinky out, and he blows flaming kisses at you in between his ballet moves across the stage. All his mannerisms are that of a "flaming gay" stereotype. I'm just plain offended, and let down. I thought it was 2010?


Isaac said...

Hey man I love your stuff but you've stoped posting. Where'd you go off to? Sorry the game didn't work out for ya.

Jeremy Forson said...

I know, it's been a while. I've been really busy with some projects I've had to keep under wraps. There will be some new stuff to show VERY SOON. :)