Monday, October 17, 2011

New Scanner

My old trustee Epson scanner finally started to go, so I had to get a new one. After a lot of research I decided to get an Epson V30 photo scanner. I went totally low end, and I'm glad I did! Truthfully, more expensive photo scanners are WAY more powerful than I need to scan artwork, and often the only difference is a bunch of software that I also don't need. I got this scanner for $75 total, and it scans at over 12,000 dpi. That's over 4 times higher than the capability of the scanner I was using and happy with, but because I never need to scan slides or negatives, I still have no need to to crank it up that high. I'm really happy with the color, it looks dead on, and because it's LEDs instead of a florescent tube, it starts up and scans SO much faster. Take away: Don't waste your money on a high dollar scanner for your art.

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Thea S said...

Looks awesome, thanks for the tip!