Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Anchors LP

Basically this band told me exactly what they wanted. That kind of thing is hit or miss, but I've decided to not do ideas that I think are dumb or can't imagine coming out well. This one looked good in my mind so I went with it. They also wanted a guy strapped to an anchor in the scene, and I city scape above. I thought the city scape would be way too much and it needed some open space, so I didn't do that. When I imagined it with the city scape it looked like the kind of indie comics outsider art style where they try to cram everything into one drawing, like here's a bunch of people with spots on their shirts and there's garbage cans and a banana peel on the ground and a cat and a dog and some ladies silhouette in the building window etc. I didn't want to go there. You can see in the scan that I actually did the guy on the anchor, but they asked me to take it out of the finish b/c it didn't look how they imagined. I had a hard time even imagining that in there, which is maybe why it didn't work out. It didn't make sense to me to have a guy on an anchor, with no water around or anything. If he was in the ocean... that would make sense to me. They wanted their name in roots. I've been seeing that a lot lately, roots or sticks, or something, but most of the time it's illegible. Luckily they didn't want that. Still I don't think it works graphically, it's very hard to read, especially from a distance. The original painting is brighter and has a pink sky, I de-saturated it in photoshop because I thought it was too chipper for them. Maybe it still is.

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