Friday, August 03, 2007

Don't be mad....

I know, I haven't shown anything new in a while, I'm sorry. I think after that series of record covers I was feeling a little burned out. I've also started a new full time job as a flash developer/interactive artist at a major advertising agency. Lots of perks, free time not being one of them. Also, I have a substantial life these days outside of my house on account of my ongoing happyness and lack of depression, most would agree that it's good thing but it's killing my career.

News for now: I don't know how much I said about it, but I still haven't heard from Burton about the snowboards I was supposed to do, I think that got lost in the process. Pretty disappointing. If all goes well there will be a page of me in Juxtapoz around the end of the year, which I've very excited about.

The new Blues CD should come out soon, and it would appear that they were quite happy about the art I did for it: Blues on Myspace. If you emailed me recently about a job and I haven't gotten back to you, I'm sorry, things have been hectic. I'm not blowing you off, just send me an email again. I need a rep or something, fuck. I don't even remember who's paid me, yikes!

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