Saturday, October 13, 2007


Man, I hate framing. I've done all the mats my self, assembled many frames, and not had one custom frame made, and still I've spent about $400. Not even close to done either. fuuuuck. From now on no more wacky ass sizes, fuck that. I'm going to paint everything so it can easily be put into a pre-made frame. What a mess. I have to have mats on almost all of my paintings because they're not made to be shown, they're illustrations, and they have loads of unsightly bleed space. Is that his art studio you might be asking? That's my fucking house, the whole thing. I live in a studio apartment, but really it's more like an art studio with a bed in it. Only in this studio, people get pissed if you're stretching paper with a staple gun in the middle of the night. I'm getting things ready for a show at my job (Goodby, Silverstein, and partners). I hate framing things, and I really hate cutting mats. I have to say that they look a lot nicer though, and a bunch of my painting have been getting beaten up so it's better that I frame them. I included a picture of what I look like after a day of framing. On a side note, I've been really miserable lately, so my art is doing great! I guess that's how it works for me, if I'm miserable, I make things.

Oh yes! Also here you can see a little bit about how I work since I'm sure someone I curious about this. You might have noticed my desk. You might also have noticed that it actually ISN'T a desk. I didn't have room for a drafting table in my apartment, partly because of this giant door that covers the storage space under my bathroom (yeah, the ceiling in my bathroom is only a few inches above my head). So I couldn't put any furniture near this door or I wouldn't be able to open it, then one day I realized that the door itself was a perfect desk, perfect size, perfect height. I built some little legs for it and that was it. Some have suggested that I take the door with me if I move.

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