Saturday, October 06, 2007

Recent good news

I've never posted these kinds of things on my blog before, but they're good to share. Hopefully I'm not being too self-absorbed. I used to keep a list of sites that had featured me or blogs about my art, but it got way out of hand and I gave up. If you have a website, definitely put some tracker code in it, it's good to know where people are linking to you, and what they're saying. I was using stat counter, but I changed to google analytics. Anyway, this was some nice stuff. I'm always surprised and somewhat delighted when my site is featured for its design and not for the illustrations. In this case my first reaction was "well, yeah, obviously they liked my site, look at all the pink", but they got it off this other, less popular site called the daily slurp, which does not share my color preferences. Cool stuff. Once again, got the creepy comment. I don't know if I'll ever be able to take the dark edge off my art, especially since I don't see it. Maybe I don't need to. People like it, that's what matters.

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