Friday, October 24, 2008

Blues: Heavy Sci-Fi

As I'm sitting here writing this, I've suddenly started remembering all of the events that have occurred in the course of this project. It is epic. I painted the Space Corpse piece intending for it to be the cover, but the band was not so into it, they wanted something more epic, but just then there was some debate about whether I would be doing this cover at all. They were talking with Ferret Records about putting the album out, and they have an in-house illustrator who does their covers, so they weren't sure if the label would help to pay me. Then there was a huge fiasco with the Poison the Well (PTW) tour poster. PTW is signed with Ferret, and Blues saw my post and asked The Label owner about it was a rough couple days I don't really want to get into, but it was nasty. The guy from Ferret was nice though, and PTW had nothing to do with it, but their manager was considerate too. Anyway, then Blues decided that Ferret was not a good fit for them, and I was back on the job. The final Heavy Sci-Fi painting is by far the longest I've ever spent on a piece. It looks good, the band and 1912 records (who is releasing it) is pleased, but man am I glad it's finished. Painting geometric shapes was much more taxing than I imagined it would be. They had to be so precise, and even though I gave myself some room for it to look hand drawn, it was still taxing. I've been going to a lot more Gallery shows in the city lately, and I think the level of finish I've been seeing is what inspired me to spend so long on this painting.

Heavy Sci-Fi is an elaborate concept album, which in some ways made my job easy, because there was a long and elaborate story behind the lyrics, but it also made my some difficult, because not all of the story was clear from the lyrics. We worked it out relatively painlessly, but it was almost like doing illustrations for Lord of the Rings based solely on the overview printed on the back of the book.

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