Monday, June 15, 2009

New colors

After doing the He-man painting I've been itching to use more bright colors, so I ordered a fleet of them from dick blick. Sadly, the florescent red was damaged during shipping. I noticed that it smells weird, almost like Play Doh, and I don't approve. Most of the colors in the He-man piece were derived from the background paintings of She-ra, which was supposed to made for girls, but seems squarely aimed at the gay community to me. I've been inspired by cartoon background paintings before, mostly Ren and Stimpy, but that influence never made it to a completed painting. Lately, I shamefully admit to finding inspiration in Jem and Sailor Moon after watching them with my partner. I'm more interested in the backgrounds and use of color, especially the softness achieved with an airbrush, but he swears that they are also shows worth watching. My pallet alters based on my mood. Most of the time I feel like an alligator at the zoo, so my paintings have all the vibrancy of a World War 2 movie staring Tom Hanks, but on the off chance that I'm well rested and recently received good news, my work becomes worthy of a call from the gay pride poster commissioning committee. I'm going to try to paint with brighter colors now matter how I'm feeling, as I understand that thinking positive directly leads to feeling positive.

Side Note: I tried to make this post more entertaining by adding personal information, and by "writing" it, as opposed to treating it as a straight-to-the-point email like I have been doing. Takes much longer, but I'm hoping it makes reading my blog more enjoyable. If writing this way entices a more positive response, I'd be willing to write more in depth in the future. Reactions?


grim said...

hey jeremy, long-time listener first-time caller... (hur hurr)

anyways, i like the posts with a personal feel way more than the super clinical ones. putting a face behind the pictures makes it easier to see why certain pieces are going certain ways

as for the bright colors, i'm all for it. diving HARD into new territory is always good

Jeremy Forson said...

Thanks for chiming in! I'm trying to get as much input as I can, so this helps!

Mike Manomivibul said...

I agree, more insight into the creative process and day to day artist chores makes us all feel like we aren't the only ones toiling in the studio, keep it up!