Saturday, June 27, 2009

Some brighter colors



Green House

I've been working on incorporating brighter colors into my paintings to make them more fun looking, while staying away from anything hippies might enjoy on acid. I've been in a transition for some months now, trying to find a new direction, and am finally feeling ok with being lost and generally aimless. Columbus wouldn't have pillaged the Americas without heading the wrong direction first right? Maybe that's a bad example, I don't want to be Columbus. Conan the Barbarian had a lot of fighting and boning and running around the countryside to do before he got to decapitate Thulsa Doom right? He had no idea when the opportunity for revenge would show itself. That's where I'm at, I'm talking to people, getting my name out, telling people I'm looking for the two headed snake cult, and someday, I'll get to brutally hack James Earl Jones' head off.

My goal lately is to not compare myself with other artists or worry about what they're doing. I've spent a lot of time thinking about how James Jean was basically famous right out of college, but I have to let that go. It's great for him, and he deserves it, but life is not linear or predictable. I know that if I keep at it my time will come too. Comparing my art and the path of my career to others is stressful and ultimately unproductive. Focusing on making things that I'm proud of is the best path I can follow. I think the first painting, I'm calling "Stargazer" is a good example of acting on this new outlook. Like a stray bullet on the fourth of July, the image popped into my head suddenly for no reason whatsoever, so I painted it. It used to be that I would always draw those kinds of things, but lately I've been more worried about what I think I'm supposed to be doing. Don't get into that habit, kids, it will choke your creativity or lead you to making generic paintings in a factory-like fashion.

There's 3 other paintings that are not coming along so well and maybe some thoughtful critique of these will help me resolve them, people. nudge nudge

You can still see my painting at Double Punch, it's up for the rest of the month if you make it out there, it's also for sale here.


jeannejo said...

very nice!

ernesto said...

the new colors look good, specially the bottom two.
dont worry, i think 80% of illustrators are extremely jealous, including me.

Julián Abreu said...

Jeremy your blog is such a artistic expirience ! amazing from home to toe!!!!!!!!!

Ray Jones said...

Hey man, just checked out your blog. Great work as usual! I have to say, I'm in the same place. My work has been in transition over the last couple of months and finding work has been damn near impossible-- so I've been making projects for myself too. A couple of my friends and I are starting a small magazine, I started working on my new book (even though no one bought the first! ha!), and I pass the time finding new ways to promote myself and my band. It's definitely an uphill climb... but it's also a good place to be. You can do all the insane, time consuming stuff that you've put off! Word.


Jeremy Forson said...

Thanks you guys.

Ray: It's really important to keep working no matter what, which you've been doing so that's great. Have you been looking for gallery shows? I'm finding that it's a great way to keep making work and getting my stuff out there, as well as having fun and meeting some awesome people. I feel that for people like you and I, illustration jobs are a little hard to come by due to a lack of commercial appeal, but galleries are a good venue. With any creative job it's important to get things going on your own as opposed to waiting for people to ask you to do things, so the magazine and your book are both great like that. It's the same with actors, they do better if the make their own movies and screenplays etc. Make it happen. Don't worry about your book, it didn't come out that long ago right? Maybe work on distributing it, send it to place to get reviewed, hit up any store that carries art book, maybe you can put it on consignment. It'll take leg work for sure. I'm definitely just working on all the things I've had to put off, and it's pretty fantastic! Keep climbing that hill my friend, you've got the skills.

SHEESH!! said...

i think the new stuff looks great, especially the last one, its a great blend of your style and pushing the brighter colors and i'm glad you said something, I was getting down on not getting much illustration work lately but if you're having the same problem, I dont feel as bad haha.

Jeremy Forson said...

Sheesh: Yeah, I haven't had a job come in since April besides some band stuff, but I'm not doing a lot of that these days due to the unbalanced time/compensation ratio. Art is a luxury in a lot of ways, so it suffers when the economy is bad. I say just work as hard as you can on personal projects until something rolls in. Keep your skills sharp.