Monday, July 06, 2009

The rumors of my death....

I thought I'd try using oils again, and after so many years I thought I'd need a warm up painting. The was a lot of buzz recently around the rumor that Jeff Goldblum had fallen to his death while shooting in New Zealand. Happily, this is not true. This portrait was meant to be a warm up sketch, but I got into it and ended up spending a whole day on it.

Aside from several spells of dizziness I enjoyed the experience of working with oils again. I found it relaxing because there isn't the pressure of trying to use the color you've mixed before it dries. It's nice to be able to blend as well. I did this on one of those bunk pre-made-canvas-wrapped-around-a-piece-of-cardboard-things and was surprised at the fact that I didn't have any problems with it. One thing that did happen, is that I drew him in pencil, and as soon as I did the underpainting wash it completely dissolved. That was definitely unexpected. I didn't rub it in hard or anything.

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