Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Tattoo SF

Lately my paintings have been about San Francisco, and whatever I'm seeing that influences me. You don't have to go far in SF to find pretty, well embellished women like the one I depicted here. I should note that I put the REBEL8 logo on her right arm. REBEL8 is a notable name in the tattoo culture in SF, and even though I'm not part that crowd, I still hear about it constantly. I also added it because I have a lot of respect for Mike Giant as an artist. I hope they don't feel slighted about it, and understand where I'm coming from.

I personally only have a couple tattoos, even though I like them. For one reason or another it's never a good time to get more work done, usually because I have no money. Lots of people have tattoos from my drawings, and once I even did a tattoo on a guy. A lot of people have asked me over the years if I wanted to do tattoos, and I would because any job where you draw is awesome for me, but there's a few things that give me reservations.

1. I don't have the book for it. I'd have to do drawings of a bunch of different designs, and I've usually got something more pressing to work on.
2. Just about every tattoo artist I've met told me not to get into it. They apparently don't like their line of work. You have to deal with a lot of surly or ghetto folks, and often they don't shower, high risk of blood born illness, things like that.
3. Tattoo shops are often not ok with homos. I'm sure some are, especially in SF, but I don't know which ones. Even though that's something I mostly keep to myself, and am not flamboyant, it still could be and issue.
4. Apparently getting and apprenticeship in SF is really tough in spite of the large number of shops, and it's even harder if you're not already well tattooed. Also, I've noticed that tattoo shops are much more receptive to people they know, or even friends of friends. If you're some random dude that comes in off the street they aren't so nice.
5. I'm drug free, including alcohol, for various reasons. I'm not a prick about it, I hang out at parties and it's no big deal, it's a personal decision. I don't even like to bring it up, but I think that wouldn't go over well in a lot of shops.
6. Tribal and dolphins.

If I could find a place that would take me on as an apprentice and not mind that I'm a drug free homo, that would be awesome. I'm looking into telemarketing and security jobs because I haven't been able to find anything for the past 10 months, so in spite of the disadvantages, it couldn't be worse than that. Can't beat drawing every day and getting paid for it.


Cheyenne said...

#6 that's my favorite!

yeah it's gotta be a passion of yours otherwise it's just an idea and that's not usually impressive enough.

anyway spotted the M.G. from a mile away he's silly with a sharpie. if you ever feel like checkin out some of my work you'll see his influence in mine too. keep up the great work yourself I'm an admirer indeed!

Anonymous said...

jeremy forson i still check your page everyday. these are insane. post more!!

p.s. im getting the "shunky" tattoo.

-tony wolfe.

Jeremy Forson said...

That's tight Tony! Send me a picture!