Friday, November 19, 2010

Las Vegas

I went to Las Vegas a few weeks ago for a wedding and I saw a woman that looked something like this. I was just so captivated by how perfectly Las Vegas she looked, as well as the stories I imaged she would have. She was in the casino, smoking with a broken arm, huge gnarly scar on her calf, haggard looking, tacky dress, big fake breasts, and a tattoo she must have gotten a couple hours ago because she was still wearing the plastic wrap. Amazing. One of those things where nobody noticed her except me. This image has just been sitting in my head since then. I finally got a chance to sketch it out. The tattoo was just little lines, looked like a bar graph.


L. W├Ąchter said...

I would have loved to see her in person! Las Vegas has to be really picturesque :)

Teri said...

I love this. she is great! you are very talented. I can totally feel her, her life and struggles.