Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Vampire love

Wrapped this one up today. I still think the idea is funny, but I'm not sure if I did the best job of getting it across. My idea was a vampire is attacking a girl, but instead of being terrified, she throws her bra at him. Did you get that? Let me know if you have an idea about how it could be more clear. I think something to note is that even though I wanted to only spend a couple hours on this illustration, I still went through the whole thumbnail process. When I was a student I hated doing thumbnails, but these days I fill pages with thumbs without even noticing. It's extremely important to work out your compositions, and I genuinely enjoy it now!

One reason why I want to do illustrations like this, besides it being a good exercise, is that I've been unhappy when I look at my portfolio lately. I feel that one reason I haven't gotten an illustration call in a long time is that I don't have any illustrations! I've been doing personal paintings for galleries, and they've taken up my site. I'm taking steps to make more illustrations. Telling a story is fun and important. I wish I hadn't lost sight of that.


James C Trujillo said...

Might be cool to show the vampire from behind and just show the girl's reaction to the attack. Also since you wouldn't be showing the vampire's face you'd have to focus on his posing to get across what he's thinking to the viewer. No matter what I think you need to somehow show the girl in there for that idea to read. Right now he just looks like he's excitedly attacking the bra, which could be fun too.

Jeremy Forson said...

Yeah for sure. Missed the mark, at least it wasn't for a client :/

Corina said...

Yeah... show some tittles! j/k I like it as is, but for the idea you threw out there I think making the girl more prevalent would get the idea across better, maybe have her silhouetted profile with a finger in the mouth, or a tattoo reading "bite me". But I really dig the vampire, I mean I'd throw my bra at him any day.