Wednesday, November 24, 2010

That’s Witchcraf’!

Just looking at these gives me chills! My mom has this book about witches that I had only looked at once or twice as a child. The Illustrations by Jos A. Smith literally gave me nightmares! They are as excellent as they are powerfully creepy. I snapped some pictures on my iPhone. The book is full of amazing illustrations, so I recommend picking up a copy if you can find one. It was published in 1981. Jos. A. Smith is a professor of Fine Art at Pratt, according to his website. I felt these needed to be shared.

The title of this post comes from a story a friend of mine tells. He was at a video store of some kind, and this African American family is there. One of the little boys yells across the store "MAMA,  CAN WE GET HARRY POTTER?" and the mom says "NAW, THAT'S WITCHCRAF’!"

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Salvia Divine said...

Well I like it. It's creepy and beautiful.
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happy new yr.