Thursday, February 16, 2006

7 inches

I got 2 assignments today for b/w 7 inch covers. One is for a band called E.M.D.C. and it will be a zombie doing a hand-plant on an old-school skateboard, at the request of the band. The other is for a band called Fatalities and it will be a classroom reading and one kid stabbing the teacher in the neck with a pencil, again, at the request of the band. It's not what I'd ideally think of as awesome in the idea department, but I'm going to do my best with it. I just don't want it to be an ongoing thing where every skate-and-destroy thrash band wants me to do a zombie or skeleton skater for their record. It actually makes it a lot easier on me if they already know what they want and I just have to draw it. The hard part is coming up with something original that fits well with the project.

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