Thursday, February 23, 2006

The Stinking Corpse in My Apartment

This is probably finished. I plan to submit it to a group show at the Boontling Gallery called "Overhung 2". The owner is a friend of mine and he always asks me to submit. I didn't feel like any of my newest work was appropriate, mostly because it's all on the illustration side and not good for gallery work, or it's too big for this show, or I don't want to sell it for any small amount (like the tentacle one I'm quite fond of). So here it is. If it doesn't sell at the show I'll put it up here. I want to set up a paypal account through this blog, and on my website. Basically I want it set up the way James Jean has it ( It's a good system. I forget why I didn't get one the other day..... I got a check yesterday that made me laugh. It was for prints and it read "For: Organs and Lobotomy". It could seem weird out of context.

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pablo said...

Definitively Jeremy, you´re the man!.