Friday, April 07, 2006


So I've been busy, mostly sketching. I did this sketch and colored it quickly on the computer. I like it, maybe that will be the way I work from now on. It's a lot easier than painting that's for sure. I'd post the other sketches but they're mostly naked girls and Batman. I would think that the former might break some blogger rules and the latter might break some copyright rules. When I do sketches lately it's been all girls because I suck at drawing them. It's fine with reference but straight out of my head it's awful. Monday I sent out 10 emails to magazines and I got 4 responses, all positive. That's great, but they don't pay artists, wtf? Not getting paid is a drag, but I'm still going to do them because I need to get my name out there and to build up a client list. I sent out a second wave today feeling confident about my abilities, but I'm sure that a lot of them went to the wrong people or will never be looked at. One art director told me my work was great and I deserve lots of money; I found it encouraging.

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