Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Tastes Like Chicken

This is for a magazine called Tastes Like Chicken's website. If accepted it will be in the "Pen and Think" section. It's for an article about something called a Command Line which is a theory that says everything in our lives is mathematically dictated. It was supposed to be 3"x5" so I did it on a 3X5 card. You're not supposed to do that, things are always supposed to be shrunk down so they look tighter, but in this situation it works because there's no painting. I drew it using a rapidoliner pen, and letraset letters, then I colored it in photoshop because I think computer coloring looks better on the web than painting. I got the picture of the baby from google images, which I find phenomenally useful for reference. I don't know any babies!

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Anonymous said...

Jeremy, This was published! It's in the May issue! Right on!