Thursday, April 13, 2006

Stamp Letters

This is what I did today; I spent all day developing and making these letters. Now I KNEW that they needed to be backwards so that they would print right, I KNEW this...right up until I grew the goddamn things on the rubber, then I forgot until I was completely finished carving them out. There has to be some Freudian reason why I blanked that out, has to be. As I was making these I thought they would look all nice and clean with their little serifs and everything; then I printed them and they looked like the most fucked up letters ever, wtf? Why can I not make anything nice? Everybody thinks my artwork is creepy. I start off with a nice idea is mind, and by the time I'm done with it it looks like this. On the plus side I made some really goddamn dirty letters and I like them a lot. I surprised myself because I thought they would look nice and then I printed them and they looked like pure evil. I used a retarded product called a "roll-on stamp pad inker." It has a nice effect because it doesn't ink evenly like the well functioning stamp-pads of yesteryear; truly a superior product. If you want a page of these for flyers or whatever, drop me an email.

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