Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Kitchen sink

This is an illustration I JUST finished, I haven't even sent it yet. I don't even know if they'll like it, but it should be a full page in a magazine called Kitchen Sink, issue #14. The article is about indie films and talks about how the ending is always the lead character gazing into the middle distance, and it says there should be more explosions in the end. It's a pretty amusing article, although, I'd contend that the reason indie films don't have more explosions is because they're so expensive. I used my usual speedball india ink, a deleter japanese manga dip-pen nib, a liner brush for some of the hair, and a couple normal rounds. I shot the reference with my friend David V. D'Andrea (thanks dude!) on Sunday night, and did the entire thing yesterday, then scanned it, resized and got it print ready this morning (by this morning, I mean 3:00 p.m.). This is my first magazine illustration, I hope they like it.

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