Monday, April 03, 2006

Young Lions

I did my first website for someone else, you can see it at I'd like to get some feedback about it. This drawing was a sketch I did in a park on saturday. A group of my friends were in town from Reno and they wanted to go record shopping at Amoeba on Hieght st. They shopped and I went to the park to draw. I thought it would be peaceful but it was full of drug dealers and users. I found a secluded spot and drew the tree, at the end so guys started dealing drugs right next to me, out of all the open areas in the park, so I got up and left. Then I drew the little evil man lurking behind the tree. About 3 years ago a junky (I know because he told me) jumped out of the darkness at me with a gun. It was a powerfully traumatizing experience and since then I've had an aversion to shady characters and a fear that people are hiding behind things. I colored this a little in photoshop, and a little in colored pencil.

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